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Whether you're looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, a White Elephant party gift or something "different", ClownSick has intriguing items for all.

In the world of cult TV show art you should make this your first stop. This week we will check out the goods from the wacky world of WNYX. This site has plenty of appeal from Comedy Central today to SNL from the 80's, so dive on in. Using Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing on quality blends you get great results from ClownSick without worrying about fading and shrinkage.

Newsradio fans will recognize the updated take on "Macho Business Donkey Wrestler".

Macho Business Donkey Wrestler V-Neck

The V-neck comes in white, charcoal, & red and sells for merely $18.50. Take THAT old Jimmy book!

Still in the V-Neck family, but with a more faded look, is the "Bill McNeal Special". If you're a fan of the more vintage look, for $24.95 the Bill MicV-Neck is all yours!!


Bill Mic - V-Neck

This little number is ONLY available in white, BUT can be found in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL.


Next up are two that constantly butt-heads, Bill & Dave. Each of these shirts are around $26 and feature their cartoony selves on the front along with some "words of wisdom". The left shoulders feature the WNYX logo, and the back has individual icons for each character (THE cane for Bill, and mug for Dave...of course).


 Bill and Dave logo tees

Both of these shirts can be purchased in "every shade of blue" as Dave would say (that would be Royal Blue-anyone ever see 'Rain Man'?) to brown and black.


If you happen to be feeling "Goofy"...or have been drinking, there are the Goofy Ball Socks, and the Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor Socks. A fine addition to anyone with a taste for silly socks! These colorful, comfortable, and sturdy socks are sold for $15.95 a pair.


If you happen to know anyone with a new baby, this next one is for you...or them rather. The Stinkbutt onesie available in sizes ranging from 6 months old to 24 months old! Unfortunately after that age they'll have to just start wearing real clothes...

Stinkbutt Onsie

So for only $23.50 you can remind your friend or loved one that the little bundle of joy they've got in their arms is a ticking timebomb waiting to explode.

So if you're putting together a bundle of WNYX Newsradio-type gifts, there's one more item to add... the Yellow Mug of Power!! Some amazing creations can be found at a very affordable price on Amazon and ETSY.

(image courtesy of SKMD Accessories)

Amazon's Choice for WNYX mug happens to be this one sold by SKMD Accessories for $12(seen above). I have yet to see one of better quality. For slightly less, you can purchase through ETSY at ChooChoo8MitMit for $10 per mug (seen below).

(image courtesy of ChooChoo8MitMit)

So get yourself ready for the holidays with some creative clothing!

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