Ready for the Holidays?

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IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Yes, yes, I know we haven't hit Thanksgiving or even Halloween for that matter... but it just goes to show how quickly time flies.

Clothes are the easiest route to go for making the holiday transition. Think of "ugly Christmas sweaters", cheesy T-shirt Halloween costumes, and ties with Turkeys on them. Once you pop that on, you are one with the Holiday... and clean up is a cinch! Take your shirt off!!

If you have bought the Snitch Splat, or one of the Unbreakable HP Wands it's time to give these #FunnyShirt guys a looksee. In this world of cult TV shows you can make this your first stop shop. With Halloween so close, they have plenty of items that would work as a last-ditch costume.

This site has plenty of appeal from Comedy Central today to SNL back in the 80's, so dive on in!

Using Direct-To-Garment (gives opportunity to print high detail) printing on quality blends you get great results from ClownSick without worrying about fading and shrinkage (unlike swimming in an icy pool).
For a quick costume slip-on, here are a few Harry Potter themed shirts that'd be fun in a pinch:
And each of these can be yours for just about $20!
If something this easy is not your thing, there's always using a giant yoga ball as a form to make a big cartoony head and build up paper mache around it! ( Instructable link , Wikipedia link , Kids how-to )

As well as a slew of shirts, there are also items for the rugrats! No more dressing your crawlers up as Snails or Turtles!! Show them for what they really are, cute little guys or gals that just happen to crap in their own pants still...

These onesies are unfortunately not available in adult size... yet. BUT they are quite affordable!! And make your kids ( or your friends kids ) look like little comedians...gotta start 'em young, right? (available in sizes ranging from 6 months old to 24 months old)
If you happen to be feeling "Goofy", or just like to be comfortable, the socks are quite nice:

So whether you're looking for yourself or your friends, creative clothing is always a great way to get noticed, especially during the holidays. Something different and seldom seen that draws the eye and still provides comfort. Look good this Holiday season! Get comfortable in some new clothes! Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a Happy New Year!

So get yourself ready for the holidays with some creative clothing!

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